With 32 years of elevating the archery experience in their quiver, Mathews is bringing bowhunters their lightest, and fastest shooting, hunting bow to date. The Lift was created to raise the bar and address two details that typically have not been Mathews’ highest priorities, weight and speed.

This film takes archers on a journey bringing together all the trials, tribulations and experiences that have guided Mathews over the years, through a cinematic experience designed to immerse viewers inside authentic and personal conversations with the team who brought The Lift to life.

Eagle : Beyond

After retiring from military service, best-selling author Jack Carr, homesteader and dog musher Jeff Reid, entrepeurneur Nick Koumalatsos, and blade maker Andrew Arrabito have carved new paths for themselves and their families, pursuing their passions — while still pushing every boundary.

In this IRONCLAD original series, meet these top-tier veterans, as they take you on crazy adventures in exotic locations, find out what makes them tick, and, learn how you too, can push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.


Launched in 2018 and running since, IRONCLAD and Mechanix Wear partnered to produce the United We Work series – a grassroots documentary-style series that peers into the daily routines of hardworking Americans across a range of trades and industries. This industry-leading series features character-driven, authentic stories with subtle product placement throughout, further cementing the Mechanix Wear brand in the hearts and minds of the audience as the protector of the world’s hands that are hard at work.

Up close and personal in the grit, dirt, grease, and mud – the lifestyle of craftsmen and women comes to life through their unique stories.


Film meets documentary in each episode of the No-Fail Mission series. Viewers will be immersed in a re-telling of an authentic high stakes scenario from one of Blackhawk’s Ambassadors, featuring Andy Stumpf, Travis Kennedy and Tony Sentmanat, all while learning why great gear is a non-negotiable.


As challenges continue to mount and one of the most popular automotive events in the country gets canceled, the Roadster Shop crew steps up to the challenge with a creative once-in-a-lifetime kind of solution. Known best for setting the bar in everything they do, their latest endeavor will be no exception. A camera crew will follow the Roadster Shop team, their customers, and partners as they embark on a seven day journey along the southeast coast, all the way to the Keys. Beautiful scenery, famous landmarks and automotive facilities, and badass cars will leave viewers in awe while adventurous (and sometimes truly wild) stops along the way keep the energy at full-throttle.

Paired with traditional and on-the-fly interviews from team members and other key people, the moments captured on film of this unique road trip will give a glimpse into the lifestyle and business Roadster Shop has built through grit, innovation, and hard work. Individual episodes will be built around each day of the trip or around key locations and activities. This mini-series will continue to raise the bar and set the tone for the industry as a whole – Roadster Shop style.


IRONCLAD was built on a simple idea: iron sharpens iron. From the beginning, our goal has been to take the road less traveled, to challenge the conventional creative and production world and do things our way. Our strength lies in the ability to adapt and create world-class content in any situation. Over the years we’ve forged a one of a kind, talented team that shares and exemplifies passion and purpose. We are a team of common individuals pursuing uncommon goals, facing the elements, rising to the challenge, and aiming to operate as and with the best in the world


IRONCLAD has partnered with best-selling author Jack Carr to create these trailers for each installment of the Terminal List series. The action series follows the adventures of James Reece, a Navy SEAL who becomes embroiled in the world of conspiracies, international espionage and revenge.

Amazon Studio is now adapting The Terminal List into a new series starring Chris Pratt as James Reece. The series is directed by acclaimed Hollywood action filmmaker Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Shooter, The Equalizer, Southpaw, Olympus Has Fallen, Brooklyn’s Finest).


This short film series is the story of Balcones, intent on illustrating the Balcones narrative in its purest form. Viewers will learn about the people, process, place, and what makes Balcones whisky such a unique experience. The relationship between the spirits and beings distilling them will play a key role in giving audiences a look into the distillery that is putting Texas whisky on the map.

SIG Studios Film Series

The SIG Studios film series, Stories of the Uncommon consists of the most cinematic and culturally expansive stories within the SIG Sauer catalog of content. The films in this series highlight exceptional individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and focus on the layers that make them who they are outside of shooting. Creativity, problem solving, entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency, entertainment, and everything in between will be highlighted through films featuring people such as Kevin Holland, Daniel Winkler, Rose Namajunas, and Rich Froning.

Beretta Tribe Stories

The Beretta Tribe Stories are films documenting the lives and commitment of hunters who live each day as good stewards of the land. These films are intended to communicate the priceless value of hunting through the experience of hunters who act concretely for the sustainable growth of hunting.

The Iron Savage

This project was a unique opportunity to illustrate the mindset behind the veteran founded and operated fitness and outdoor brand, Born Primitive. Built from a piece written by the brand’s founder, the film brings to life the raw, hard working mentality that represents the Born Primitive brand and their mission.

Be Your Own Defense

The “Be Your Own Defense” campaign was built in partnership with Beretta to empower new, and non-traditional firearms owners to take the steps necessary to protect themselves and their families in a world full of surprises and constant change. Working with fine artist and competitive shooter, Jessica Hook, the campaign aims to show people that we all deserve to live safe and free, but that freedom comes with a sense of ownership and responsibility.


Taking cues from the world of streetwear–where artists, influencers, designers, and culture-shapers collaborate with brands for custom product offerings–the “Custom Works FCU” series positions SIG Sauer not only as the lead destination for customizable product offerings, but also highlights why SIG Sauer is one of the most innovative brands currently leading the industry. Viewers will get an up-close look at the Custom Works P320 Studio; through the eyes and mind of artist Gypsy Walters, who breaks down his approach to style, design, and training.


We partner with innovators to tell boundary pushing stories. Our goal is to work closely with partners like Atlantic Diving Supply to bring their messages to the world with unprecedented quality and unmatched authenticity. From script writing and distribution, to directing, editing, and creating, we offer turn-key services for brands who want their stories to be told with precision and depth.


The Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community is an uncompromising, dedicated, brotherhood of patriots who say yes to the mission when many others say it can’t be done. They deserve our support in an organization that parallels their resolve and commitment. Thankfully, this organization exists. The Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF) is an amazing non-profit whose sole mission is to provide immediate and ongoing assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families. The Navy SEAL Foundation has and always will hold a special place in the hearts of the IRONCLAD family. The “They Say, We Prove” project was born from the desire to capture the essence of this super-human community and their dedicated families while raising both awareness and funds that allow NSF to continue their incredible work in supporting these deserving individuals.