Dangerous Questions w Dom Raso

On the new IRONCLAD Original, Dangerous Questions, Dom Raso is bringing his voice and views to the masses. On each episode, Dom is asked tough questions from people around the world. From practical advice about self-defense, gear, combatives, and thoughts on pressing social and global issues, to his convictions about family, fatherhood, and faith, each episode features unfiltered truth – delivered in a way that only Dom Raso can.

Dom Raso is a veteran SEAL DEVGRU Operator, tactical and gear expert, entrepreneur, man of deep faith, father, and husband. More than a decade in military special operations, multiple combat deployments, and years as CEO of Dynamis Alliance have given him a unique perspective on life, leadership, fatherhood, faith – and everything in between.

Each half-four episode is distributed on the IRONCLAD YouTube Channel, major podcast platforms, X, Rumble, and major social platforms.

MTN Tough Podcast

Welcome to the MTNTOUGH Podcast, where we explore the intersection of physical fitness and mental toughness through the lens of backcountry hunting, military, mountain sports, and the great outdoors.

Hosted by the founder of MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab, Dustin Diefenderfer, this podcast takes a deep dive into the physical and mental preparation required for the unique challenges of high-altitude, extreme-terrain adventures.

Each episode features inspirational stories, advice, in-depth conversations with athletes, trainers, and experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and mental performance. From endurance training and strength conditioning to mental toughness and mindfulness, we explore cutting-edge science and real-world strategies that enable outdoor athletes to push their limits and achieve their goals.

Borderland w Vincent “Rocco” Vargas

America’s southern border has become the epicenter of issues that will likely decide America’s next presidential election. On the IRONCLAD original, Borderland, audiences go beyond the politics to hear real stories shaping perceptions, policies, and communities on the U.S./Mexico border. 

Each week, special operations combat veteran, actor, writer, and veteran BORSTAR Agent Vincent “Rocco” Vargas sits down with guests to discuss a different issue — and new stories — that shape our understanding of the area and the people who live, work, and travel to the U.S./Mexico border. From cartel violence and human trafficking, to migrant rescue operations and new laws and policies, audiences get a unique look that goes beyond the headlines.

Change Agents w Andy Stumpf

Change Agents with Andy Stumpf is a podcast created to find out what it takes to solve some of the world’s seemingly impossible problems. In each episode, SEAL Team 6 veteran and “Cleared Hot” podcast host Andy Stumpf interviews a new “agent of change” who is enacting real change to understand the scope of their work, how it can be replicated, and the unimaginable stakes of their everyday lives.

The Born Primitive Podcast

The Born Primitive team has rapidly built a name and community around their performance apparel, with values and ideas that truly resonate: Embracing hard work, fostering resilience, and recognizing the sacrifices made by those who’ve given us the freedom we all enjoy. On the Born Primitive Podcast, co-founder and CEO Bear Handlon–along with his team and monthly, hand-selected guests–equip fans, customers, and aspirational audiences with the insights that have helped to shape and grow one of the industry’s most cutting-edge, against-the-grain brands.