Episode 38

September 16, 2020

38 | Madefor CEO Pat Dossett: Building the Best You

- Pat Dossett

Our guest today spent 9 years serving as a Navy SEAL, before earning an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. Pat Dossett is the President and CEO of a really cool new company called Madefor that he founded with Blake Mycoskie, who is also the founder of the pioneering buy-one-give-one brand TOMS Shoes.

Over the course of two years, Pat and Blake met with neuroscientists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, life coaches, and wellness experts to create a ten-month that uses neuroscience to help people transform themselves. Madefor’s mission is “to elevate your mental and physical baselines while cultivating a mindset that allows you to achieve everything you are truly made for.”

It’s a really fascinating interview with a fascinating entrepreneur, disruptor and elite performer.

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