Compassion International - No More Departures

24 views May 13, 2021


Compassion International - Hope in Lorega

18 views September 4, 2019

Location: Phillipines

This Compassion International trip was our first glance into the urban poverty of a developing country. We followed the story of a Compassion program bringing hope and transforming an entire community.

Compassion International - Flood

6 views May 13, 2021

We partner with global brands to tell stories that matter. Our goal is to work closely with our partners like Compassion International to bring their messages to the world with unprecedented quality, unmatched style and unfiltered human authenticity. ...

Compassion International - Sponsors Meet Their Sponsored Child For The First Time

73 views September 5, 2019

Locations: Uganda & London

One of our favorite campaigns for Compassion International, this piece won the National Silver Addy award for advertising. Through Compassion International’s child sponsorship program, families all over the world can sponsor children in poverty and provide them with the education and tools to escape and overcome poverty. Sometimes the sponsors travel to the home of their sponsored child and meet them face to face. Such is the story of Violet. Growing up in the Uganda Compassion program, she had been faithfully sponsored by the _____ family in the United Kingdom. We leaped at the opportunity to film their first meeting. This piece required careful logistical planning as we traveled internationally to two different continents to help tell this story. We never could have anticipated the power of instant love that radiated from both Violet and her sponsor parents the moment she wrapped her arms around their neck. We always leave our Compassion shoots humbled and changed. It is our honor to share this story with you.

Compassion International - Vocational Story Tanzania

197 views May 9, 2018


Compassion International - Classrooms Story Tanzania

812 views May 9, 2018