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Coming Friday, April 26: Dangerous Questions with Dom Raso, a new IRONCLAD Original.

On each weekly episode, Dom answers questions from followers, fans, and viewers about combatives, home security, self-defense, gear recommendations, and more. He also breaks down real-world scenarios to equip audiences with the knowledge and tactics to survive any situation.

About Dom: For more than a decade, Dom Raso was a member of Navy SEAL Team Six / Development Group (DEVGRU), serving on multiple combat deployments. He is also the Founder and CEO of CRUSH EVERYTHING and the creator of Dynamis Alliance. To learn more about Dom, check out his recent interview on The Shawn Ryan Show:

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The Mental Health Challenges of Being on a Team

729 views April 18, 2024

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The Underground Services Transporting Chinese Migrants in Central America

5.9K views April 18, 2024

Watch the full episode of Borderland here: ...

Treating Your Mental Health as Seriously as Your Physical Health (with Dr. Paul Conti) I IRONCLAD

1.8K views April 17, 2024

Today on Change Agents, Andy talks with renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Conti.

Dr. Conti holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University School of Medicine and is the former chief resident at Harvard Medical School. He is an expert on mental health and understanding the root causes of issues like anxiety and stress, as well as creativity, leadership, and discipline. He is the author of the best-selling book Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic which seeks to understand “How Trauma Works and How We Can Heal It From It”

His unique approach to psychiatry has led him to work as a consult for major corporations and he is known for his frequent media appearances on shows, including a recent 4-part series about mental health with Stanford Neuroscientist, Andrew Huberman.

Change Agents is an IRONCLAD Original.

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Narcos Are Using Locals 'Like Guinea Pigs'

6K views April 16, 2024

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Inside the Darien Gap: Confronting Cartels, Earth's Deadliest Jungle, and Corruption I IRONCLAD

7.6K views April 15, 2024

Today's guest is investigative journalist and filmmaker Guillermo Galdos.

Has spent the last 15 years making documentaries and producing exclusive news stories from Latin and South America - topics including human rights abuses, the drug trade, immigration and exposed police corruption and the human trafficking industry. He has personally experienced and documented the treacherous conditions migrants go through as they attempt to cross the dangerous Darien Gap from Colombia into Panama to eventually make it to the US Southern Border - an over 3,000-mile journey through Central America.

You can watch his film "Drowning, kidnap and jaguars - travelling the deadly Darien Gap migrant route to the USA" on YouTube:

Borderland is an IRONCLAD Original.

Strategies Ecuador Uses to Control Its People #news #ecuador #crime

7.1K views April 15, 2024

How Ecuador controls its citizens with an iron fist ...

Militant Group Hijacking Ecuadorian TV #news #ecuador #crime

2.4K views April 12, 2024

In a startling escalation of gang violence in Ecuador, masked gunmen have brazenly stormed a television studio during a live broadcast. This alarming footage captures the intense moments as the armed group interrupts programming, underscoring the rising security challenges in the region. ...

The Truth About Human Smuggling on the Border

1.6K views April 11, 2024

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